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Welcome to the TLC Inventory of State Data Resources

At the request of the Texas Legislative Council (TLC), the Texas Demographic Center at the University of Texas at San Antonio have developed an inventory of data that are collected, maintained, or used by Texas state agencies. This inventory list was created to streamline TLC's response to legislative research requests as well as to provide a resource guide to legislators, their staffs, and to participating agencies when working on data projects.

The inventory consists of 'data profiles' , which do not require agencies to provide their data directly, but rather to profile it, i.e., describe what the data contains, its format, timeframe, and access method, if possible. The main data or data series profiled relate to the underlying data used to calculate agencies' key performance measures. However, the inventory also contains profiles on data beyond this purpose.

State agencies participate on a voluntary basis so the inventory may not include all Texas state agencies. However, state agencies are strongly encouraged to actively participate, as the inventory has the potential to be a powerful tool that can better inform the Legislature and other state agencies on the data series related to the important services provided by each agency. The entries are submitted and verified by the agencies themselves, so questions, including those about data entry errors, should be directed to that agency's primary contact person. The data profiles are scheduled to be updated on an annual basis.

Questions relating to the data inventory project should be directed to the Texas Demographic Center or to the Texas Legislative Council Research Division.


How to gain access

Access to this website is limited to participating Texas State Agency Staff and Members of the Texas Legislature.

To request access to this website: